miss mae

March will be wonderful. I will make it so.

Leap Year.

Four years ago today I received the most harrowing phone call of my life. In Singapore for an 8-week assignment, my mom called me sobbing before 8am to tell me Lola Elsie was gone. I froze. My world suddenly came crashing down in slow motion like in the movies. 

I don’t think my words will ever do justice to the woman that my Lola Elsie was. She was ever radiant, beautiful, a joy to be around. She gave me my love for dancing and the arts. She taught me how to be a lady and be graceful, traits I have to admit I struggle with to this day. 

The last time I spoke to her I was rushing to my gate at the airport headed for Singapore. She was proud of me. She said she loved me and she asked me to call her while I was there. I wasn’t gone long enough to call her before she died. I miss her daily, constantly. I talk to her in prayer and ask her to guide me, my decisions, my actions. I ask her to help me find the life that would be as full of love and wonderful as hers. I pray to her that I find someone like my Lolo Nesting who adored her and took care of her. I know she listens.

February 29 will never mean anything else to me but her. What leap year?

Sunny days.

Sunny days.

Genius at work. It would be such a gift to see Bon Iver live one day.

Rakenrol in Iloilo

The T5 First Five tour hit its third year this 2011. I had wanted to catch a gig in the province since 2009 when Chicosci and Sandwich first told me about it. For many reasons, it never happened. This year, Parokya ni Edgar joined the line-up. Not just three Nike bands involved now but my favorite bands and dear friends. Still, despite many attempts (Bacolod leg), it did not happen. Until last weekend. The last tour date for T5 First Five and in my other hometown Iloilo.


I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. With no care in the world for those few hours of wonderful Pinoy music by people I love so much. Oh, and wonderful Pinoy rum as well.

Photos by the one and only Miggy Chavez. (Thanks Miggy!)

Miggy and Vinci. This was the start of the night so still sober here.

Sandwich + Kamikazee + PNE + Chicosci. Saan ka pa?

They should have never let me hold those bottles.


Dayglo, Chavezzzz, Iya and Raims behind on drums.


We love Dar.

Mr. Drunken Photographer.

Alcaraz. Chavez.

I don’t remember what song this was but everyone was on stage!

Bawal Vans sa picture ko.


Look at that sea of people.

I really do hope they continue with same line-up next year. I will definitely make it to more than one gig.

All I want for Christmas

1. A MacBook Pro 15 inch to finally replace my dying laptop.

2. A desk.

3. A really pretty chair from Heima Store.

4. New sunnies.

5. Yellow Plus specs from Japan.

6. The chocolate peanut butter cake from smittenkitchen.com.

7. A KitchenAid to bake it myself.

8. Nigella Lawson cookbooks.

9. More prints to hang on my walls.

10. The Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35.

Most of the items on this list will be way too expensive but hey, that’s why it can also be called a wish list. I have another list in mind that will cost nothing but will make an even happier Christmas.

My friend Tomas was in town for a night. Too short a visit but as we talked about work and life he said something that struck a chord. On missing things and wanting to go back to past situations, he used his experience as a football player in Sweden as an example. He played for a total of three clubs during his career as an athlete (plus the Swedish National Team that played in the 2002 World Cup by the way). On his third team he said he wished he was back in his first club. But then he realized that what he was missing, what he was longing to be a part of again, was no longer the club he was in. It had evolved. It will never be the same. He was missing something that didn’t exist anymore.

A wise man, this friend of mine.